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5 Ways Mastercam 2024 Makes Your Life Easier

Turret mounted angled milling

Mastercam 2024 is full of new, useful tools that can make your day-to-day easier. Here are the top five you need to know.

1. Increase Productivity with B-Axis Contour Enhancements

Three major enhancements have been added to the B-Axis Contour Turning operation: Ability to manually edit tool axis vectors, manually edit usable insert area, and adjust stock function. This allows for much more in-process control and understanding of the motion of the B-axis head from within the toolpath interface.

2. Enhance Performance with Turret Mounted Angled Milling Heads

Users can now use turret-mounted angled milling heads in Mill-Turn operations. This lets you create toolpaths on angled planes using turret-mounted tools. Enjoy enhanced productivity and ease of use for both milling and turning operations within the Mill-Turn product.

3. Discover Progress in Process Hole Improvements

The Process Hole toolpath applies previously defined processes to a part’s solid hole features, which consists of one or more holemaking operations built in an operations library. The ability to import applicable processes into the working part file will save time and money while maintaining consistency with your processes.

4. Improve Toolpath Motion by Detecting Undercut Stock When Machining

Introduced in Mastercam 2023 for Dynamic OptiRough and Area Roughing (3D), waterline toolpaths are now aware of undercut stock conditions, which results in improvement to the toolpath motion and less air cutting. This option has been renamed from Detect undercut stock to Detect break through stock.

5. Maximize Engagement with Dynamic Motion

The Dynamic Mill, Face, and Dynamic OptiRough toolpaths now include a new Maximum engagement option on the Cut Parameters page. When selected, it produces more nominal chips and minimizes the number of small chips. Additionally, Mastercam moves towards the entered Stepover as quickly as possible. This helps extend tool life, reduces vibration, optimizes heat generation, promotes healthy chip evacuation, and reduces overall machine wear.

These are only a few of the new enhancements in Mastercam 2024 designed to make your life easier. For more information on Mastercam 2024, please visit