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America’s Cutting Edge (ACE) Adds Mastercam as a Featured Option for Program Participants

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What is ACE?

America’s Cutting Edge (ACE) is a program managed by the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) designed to reestablish American leadership in the machine tool industry through transformative thinking, technological innovation, and workforce development.

ACE connects top national experts with students and incumbent industrial workers from diverse backgrounds, levels of education, and work experience to build interest and provide no-cost online and in-person training.

To date, ACE has delivered online courses in CNC machining to more than 9,000 students from all 50 states and in-person boot camp-style training to more than 1,200 students, all at no cost to participants.

Mastercam Partnership

Until now, there was only one other CAM software ACE provided for its online computer-numerical control (CNC) machining course. ACE students will now have Mastercam as an option for their online training course.

With a Mastercam pathway available, this partnership between IACMI and Mastercam will open the ACE machining course to a much wider audience since Mastercam has over 155,000 installations in the education market and more than 300,000 industrial installations. The Mastercam pathway will leverage the free Mastercam Learning Edition as the tool utilized to participate in the online course.

Dr. Tony Schmitz, ACE Curriculum Developer, says, “I am thrilled to add Mastercam as an ACE partner. As we expand our reach, we want to provide opportunities for our participants to choose their CAM software to match their current and future needs. This partnership makes our program more accessible to students as Mastercam is the most widely used CAM software.”

Peter Mancini, Manager of Education at Mastercam, noted, “At Mastercam, we take pride in the fact that our customers shape the future of manufacturing, so we are excited to partner with America’s Cutting Edge and its national initiative to restore the prominence of the US machine tools sector. “

Partnership Benefits

Adding Mastercam as an ACE partner can lead to more prospective or current machining professionals becoming ACE certified and adding new participants to the machining pipeline. The Mastercam pathway of the ACE CNC Machining course will provide training on the principles of CNC machining for those new to manufacturing and offer new learning opportunities for those already familiar with Mastercam.

The manufacturing industry will also benefit as more people get the skills they need to fill critical positions. By pursuing ACE CNC machining training, you will join the next wave of innovators making the advancements required to revive our machine tool market and restore our nation’s manufacturing prominence on the world stage.

Want to Learn More?

The Mastercam path on ACE is available now. Click here to register for the ACE CNC machining course, or visit for more information on America’s Cutting Edge program.