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How to Buy

Mastercam does not limit you to manufacturing on our terms. We make Mastercam available to work on yours. We have flexible licensing options available to ensure you have access to the performance, productivity, partnership, and progress of our industry-leading CAD/CAM software. We will help you identify the best options for your business, from the software package and licensing options to the payment terms.

Get Mastercam in just 5 easy steps

Simply follow the simple steps outlined below to find the Mastercam options that best meet your needs.

  • Step 1

    Find a reseller.
  • Step 2

    Your Reseller will reach out to you to create a profile in their system, linking your email.
  • Step 3

    Create your own profile in myMastercam.
  • Step 4

    Your Reseller will link your myMastercam account to your email
  • Step 5

    You can now access your account and find the links you need to download Mastercam software, updates and any related content.

Let’s get started!

Licensing Options

Whether you are looking for an affordable entry point or options to scale your technology in alignment with your shop floor, business strategies, and financial requirements, you can count on Mastercam for support.

Below are the two licensing options we offer.

Option 1: Subscription License

Subscription licensing offers a lower upfront cost. It is renting a license for a term versus paying for a perpetual license outright. This provides flexibility with lower, predictable payments to access the productivity benefits of Mastercam’s industry-leading CAD/CAM software. You also receive the benefits of exclusive Mastercam University content and access to the Mastercam Tech Exchange.

Option 2: Perpetual License

A perpetual license to operate Mastercam offers a lower price over time. This is a software license to operate Mastercam, paired with Mastercam Maintenance to give you the ability to upgrade to the latest version of Mastercam for the duration of the Maintenance term. This provides cost savings for users with long-term planning and budgeting capabilities.