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Tool & Die

Tool & Die manufacturers seek shorter cycle times and precision finish for productivity and profit. What better way to achieve this than with the latest die manufacturing software from the world’s number one CAM system? Trust Mastercam to bring precision and efficiency to your finished parts with our high material removal rates in even the toughest materials used in the Tool & Die industry.

In Tool & Die manufacturing, success depends on flexibility, speed, and superior finish. Mastercam provides CAD/CAM die manufacturing software solutions to meet the rigorous demands of industry in this field, including:

  • Ability to import, create, or cut virtually any CAD model.
  • Wide range of CAM tools for solving complex machining issues.
  • Dynamic Motion™ adjusts feeds, speeds, entry points, and dwell for faster cutting with less tool wear.
  • High-precision toolpaths for cutting extremely small parts.
  • Streamlined 5-axis cutting, trimming, and drilling.
  • Accelerated Finishing™ reduces bench time.
  • Third-party solutions that integrate with Mastercam for shop floor and process tracking.

Mastercam Solutions for Tool & Die Manufacturing

Software that is ideal for Tool & Die manufacturing is only one ingredient for success. Collectively, our global community of Mastercam users, experts, educators and enthusiasts form a valuable resource of knowledge and innovation. And our Resellers bring years of practical experience in various industries and local markets, helping to ensure that you have everything you need today and are prepared for tomorrow.

We have developed the largest global network of CAM partners to give Tool & Die manufacturers an array of options to make production challenges disappear. Our CAM solutions implement the latest technologies developed by tooling, software, and machine tool manufacturers worldwide.

Our 5-axis capability and material removal strategies are the industry standard for Tool & Die manufacturing. Attention to detail, along with superior, high-quality surface finish makes Mastercam the definitive tool for the production of everything from dies, molds, jigs, and fixtures to machine tools, cutting tools, hand tools, and gauges.
In Tool & Die manufacturing, speed is nothing without an accurate result, and we offer the tools to support the precision needs of your shop, from design to turning to multitasking, wire EDM, and more. Check out the full array of Mastercam software products to find the right solutions for your manufacturing challenges. If your shop does it, we can support it.

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Case Studies



AMADA TOOL AMERICA, INC. unlocked the potential of its CAM software through employee-led process improvements. As a result, combined production cycle and deburring time was cut in half and the tooling manufacturer now has the agility to quickly adapt to product changeovers.
hoist drum machine Mill

3D-Machine, Inc.

Before using Mastercam Lathe Custom Thread toolpath, producing a hoist drum—including machine set up, tooling, and machining—took at least 40 hours. With the CAM toolpath, 3D-Machine, Inc. produced the part in just seven hours.