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Heavy Industry

Mastercam Solutions for Heavy Industry Manufacturing

Manufacturers in Heavy Industry aim to maximize production capacity without sacrificing quality. What better way to achieve this than with the latest software from the world’s number one CAM system? Trust Mastercam to bring precision and efficiency to your finished parts with unrivaled metal removal processes for even the toughest Heavy Industry grade materials.

In Heavy Industry manufacturing, success depends on reliable precision, flexibility, and speed. Mastercam provides CAD/CAM solutions to efficiently plow through the heaviest workload, including:

  • Software strategies for complex machining challenges.
  • Efficient toolpaths that conform to forgings and castings.
  • Streamlined, 5-axis cutting, trimming, and drilling.
  • Accelerated Finishing™ for fewer passes, flatter cusps, and better surface finish.
  • Dynamic Motion™ for extended tool life and decreased cutting time.
  • Third-party solutions that integrate with Mastercam for shop floor and process tracking.

Mastercam Solutions for Heavy Industry Manufacturing

Software that is ideal for Heavy Industry is only one ingredient for success. Collectively, our global community of Mastercam users, experts, educators, and enthusiasts form a valuable resource of knowledge and innovation. And our Resellers bring years of practical experience in various industries and local markets, helping to ensure that you always have the support you need to get the most out of your CAD/CAM investment.

We have developed the largest global network of CAM partners to give our users in Heavy Industry manufacturing an array of options to make production challenges disappear. Our solutions take advantage of the latest technologies developed by tooling, software, and machine tool manufacturers worldwide. Mastercam delivers a powerful set of focused toolpaths and design tools to global firms ranging from Fortune 500 component and equipment manufacturers to small start-up support shops.

Our array of machining solutions for Heavy Industry helps maximize productivity without sacrificing quality. Whether rough or finish machining, Mastercam provides the tools needed to streamline and automate your production line.In Heavy Industry, manufacturers have diverse machining requirements, and we offer the software tools to complement the precision needs of your shop, from design to milling to turning, multitasking, and more. Check out the full array of Mastercam products to find the right solutions for your manufacturing challenges. If your shop does it, we can support it.

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Case Studies

MRS Complexed Machined Parts Lathe

M.R.S. Machining

M.R.S. Machining manufactures a wide variety of low-volume parts, many of which have complex geometries or tight tolerances. Staying competitive while producing an average of 50 parts per job requires M.R.S. to save money by efficiently using materials and tools. The company uses Mastercam Dynamic Motion technology to reduce cutting tool damage, machine wear, and material gouges.

Diversified Metals Services, Inc.

By combining the flexibility provided by the addition of sixth and seventh axes with a router, Diversified Metals Services, Inc. (DMSI) in Salt Lake City, Utah has been able to expand its water jet and router cutting capabilities to accommodate a wide range of sizes and materials, cutting faster than ever before, and saving significant time.