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Learn How to Use CNC Software

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Originally, machinists manually ran the mills, lathes, and routers that made their parts, manipulating the cutting path with their own hands. Then CNC machines were created to run on code that programmers handwrote. The result was more accurate machining but a more time-intensive prep stage and more opportunities for error. Imagine spending days writing out the code for a part only for one poorly entered character to cascade down and ruin the entire machining process.

CNC software automates the code preparation. These days, most competitive shops rely solely on CNC software rather than manual programming. Learning how to use it is a valuable skill and can get almost anyone started with a rewarding job in the manufacturing industry.

Learn CNC Software on Mastercam University

Mastercam University is an online portal that allows anyone to take self-guided CAD/CAM courses when it’s most convenient for them. Classes and resources are available 24/7 and cover the very basics of CNC programming to the most sophisticated ways to use it. Successful completion earns every student a certification in that particular subject.

One of the most useful classes is the Mastercam CORE class, which sets students up with a solid foundation for their future careers in machining. Its modules are the following:

  • Module 1: Mastercam Interface and Layout
  • Module 2: Setting Up Your Part
  • Module 3: Gnomon Control and Plane Creation
  • Module 4: General Design
  • Module 5: Chaining and Toolpath Parameters
  • Module 6: Toolpath Setup and Creation
  • Module 7: Tool Manager
  • Module 8: Mastercam Simulator and Code Expert

Resources to Learn CNC Software

Mastercam University offers both beginner and intermediate level courses. The courses range from introductory courses on subjects like general manufacturing to more in-depth courses that cover topics like 3D milling. A student who completes all 17 courses will be well prepared to start their own career in machining. As with all Mastercam University courses, these 17 come with a free demo version of Mastercam software.

Ready to Get Started?

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