Mastercam University is now on myMastercam

At Mastercam, we are continually looking to improve our user experience. Mastercam University has launched on platform.

Mastercam University is available for free to all customers, students, and potential customers.

Additional Features

  • Additional video-based content.
  • Improved course navigation and content structure.
  • Updated language support, including language selection
    and translation of video transcripts and course content.
  • Access Mastercam University without leaving the myMastercam site.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are moving selected Mastercam University content to reside within the platform to provide a better user experience for our customers.
Users will now have an easier sign-on experience and will be able to access all Mastercam content directly from

Yes, we will honor your current voucher.

To view the courses available through Mastercam University, click on “Mastercam University” in the “Learning” drop-down in the main menu bar.

Note: Video content may be restricted to certain countries.

We are constantly updating the content and user experience. This new platform allows us to include more video-based content, as well as improved search across myMastercam. Users will be able to easily resume where they left off with automatic course progress tracking.

Mastercam University now offers improved local language support, including translated courses and translation of video transcripts and course content in 16 languages.

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