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Mastercam Solutions for Transportation Manufacturing

Transportation and automotive manufacturers seek productivity enhancements across diverse applications.

What better way to achieve this than with the latest software from the world’s number one CAM system? Trust Mastercam to bring reliable precision to your finished parts with our comprehensive CAD/CAM solutions for automotive and Transportation manufacturers and suppliers.

In Transportation manufacturing, success depends on precision, reliability, and speed. Mastercam is an established leader in this industry providing CAD/CAM solutions to meet a wide range of productivity demands in the field.

  • You get a wide range of CAM tools for solving complex machining issues.
  • Mastercam is used by most leading automotive companies and suppliers.
  • Automotive and motorsports for one of our larger industry segments.
  • Dynamic Motion™ adjusts feeds, speeds, entry points, and dwell for faster cutting with less tool wear.
  • Eliminates need for expensive PLM or integrates with existing PLM.
  • Proprietary strategies improve production of molds, patterns, and other crucial items.
  • Accelerated Finishing™ reduces bench time.
  • Many third-party solutions integrate with Mastercam for shop floor and process tracking.

Mastercam Solutions for Transportation Manufacturing

Software that is ideal for Transportation manufacturing is only one ingredient for success. Collectively, our global community of Mastercam users, experts, educators, and enthusiasts form a valuable resource of knowledge and innovation. And our Resellers bring years of practical experience in various industries and local markets, helping to ensure that you always have the support you need to get the most out of your CAD/CAM investment.

We have developed the largest global network of CAM partners to give our users in automotive and Transportation manufacturing an array of options to make production challenges disappear. Our solutions take advantage of the latest technologies developed by tooling, software, and machine tool manufacturers worldwide.

Our 5-axis capability and proprietary metal removal strategies are the industry standard in Transportation and motorsports. With the right tooling to match, no other CAD/CAM software can get as much material off a part in as short an amount of time and extend tool life, too.

In Transportation manufacturing, speed is nothing without an accurate result, and we offer tools to complement the precision needs of your shop, from design to turning to multitasking, wire EDM, and more. Check out the full array of Mastercam products to find the right solutions for your manufacturing challenges. If your shop does it, we will help you do it better.

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Case Studies


Achates Power

Achates Power in San Diego, California, uses Mastercam to create prototype parts for an eco-friendly, gasoline compression ignition, opposed-piston engine. The collaborative research was the work of Achates, Argonne National Laboratory, and Delphi Technologies. It was produced using funding from the U.S. Department of Energy’s ARPA-E program.
allstrap mastercam design Mill

Allstrap Success Story

Allstrap, Inc., (Upper Arlington, OH) specializes in the manufacture of the steel and poly straps that hold sizeable loads together, as well as the pneumatic and battery-operated tensioning tools that keep the straps taut. The company has seen an increase in demand for the battery-operated tools which perform cutting, tensioning, and sealing operations 30 to 50 percent faster than their pneumatic counterparts. To meet the need, they combined Mastercam® CAD/CAM software with a 5-axis CNC universal milling machine to significantly reduce production time.