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Executive Vice President of CNC Software, Inc. Transitions to New Role

Brian Summers

Mastercam pioneer becomes ambassador for manufacturing community

January 21, 2020 (Tolland, Conn.) – CNC Software, Inc., the developer of the world’s leading CAD/CAM software, has announced that Owner and Executive Vice President Brian Summers is transitioning to a new role in the organization. Summers will retain ownership responsibilities but is stepping away from executive duties as Vice President to embark on a new journey as an ambassador for the manufacturing community.

Brian Summers

Mastercam is the most widely used CAM software in industry and education. It is likely that you encounter something that was produced using Mastercam every day. It is prevalent in all facets of industry, including automotive, aerospace, job shops, and medical device manufacturing. Summers was instrumental in the development and evolution of this CAD/CAM technology.

Working with his brothers, Summers was pivotal in starting CNC Software in the early 1980s, from a home office, and growing the business to what it is today. Over the decades, they evolved Mastercam from a few toolpaths, to a name brand provider of CAD/CAM to the global manufacturing community. The business they started, still operating as a privately held family operation, now employs hundreds and is connected to the world market with a world-class Reseller network, providing sales, training, educational services, and technical support to clients around the globe.

CNC Software President and CEO Meghan West shared, “Brian’s involvement in the manufacturing industry, as a leader of our company for the last 30+ years, has been the reason for many of the positive interactions with the product and support that our customers experience today. I have been so fortunate to have him as a mentor, a business partner, an uncle, and a friend. I’m so excited for Brian as he moves on in his new role, continuing to build and strengthen relationships with our Resellers and Partners that are the cornerstone of our business.”

Summers has developed an extensive group of contacts over the years working for his family business. In his role as ambassador, he will spend time traveling to meet up with clients and other prominent players to share stories of innovation and accomplishment in the manufacturing industry. These are people and organizations working in the public and private sectors that are leaving a positive mark on the world in which we live.

According to Summers, “It has been a lot of hard work and an incredible privilege to have been a part of the development of a world-renowned brand in the field of manufacturing. I’m so thankful for the community of talent that I have been a part of for more than 30 years.

What people are capable of doing with Mastercam has always impressed me, from medical solutions to space exploration to automotive innovation. As I transition from Executive Vice President to Mastercam Brand Ambassador, I look forward to traveling around to meet with the people and organizations using our software, in addition to the talented community of Resellers and Partners supporting ongoing software development. As an ambassador for manufacturing and the Mastercam brand, I am excited to share their stories.”

To follow the adventures of Brian Summers, Mastercam brand ambassador, visit his pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. To learn more about Mastercam, visit