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Mastercam Mill Developments Target a Streamlined Manufacturing Process

2020 Mill

Sept. 10, 2019 (Tolland, Conn.) – Mastercam 2020 Mill offers expanded machining flexibility and an increased emphasis on speed and automation. 2D high speed toolpaths, 3D enhancements, and multiaxis features combine with dozens of additional new enhancements in a software package intended to improve shop floor productivity.

2020 Mill

Here are some of the significant highlights and new functionality in Mastercam Mill:

General Enhancements
Mastercam’s signature Dynamic Motion™ toolpath has been updated to streamline performance and increase programming speed. Accelerated Finishing™ receives new support for oval form and lens barrel form tools, delivering faster, smoother finishes on select surfaces. Toolpath Hole Definition has been improved, and the Features list now displays more information about the selected points, in addition to the type of selection you have made and the diameter of the selected point.

3D Enhancements
Mastercam’s Equal Scallop toolpath delivers finish across sloped, curved, and flat surfaces. Now tool tip containment and “Closed” or “Trimmed” toolpath offsets deliver optimal finishes for different types of complex shapes.

A new toolpath, Blend, has been added to the 3D High Speed suite of toolpaths. Blend is based on the Surface Finish Blend toolpath but is faster and has a superior quality and includes the use of stock and holder checking.

Multiaxis Improvements
Deburr can use ball end mills or lollipop undercut tools to break edges for 3- to 5-axis, and to remove burrs. You now have the benefit of fast, automated part deburring using climb or conventional cutting, with more controls for selecting which area of your part to deburr.

Hole making is now easier with Toolpath Hole Definition supporting the selection of solid features and lines, in addition to arcs, points, and AutoCursor positions. You can also pick all or some matching diameters and vectors.

Port Expert is fast and easy-to-use add-on software for creating multiaxis toolpaths within cylinder head ports, complex tubes, or deep pockets. It is now material-aware, allowing automated programming of remaining stock.

Additional improvements in Mastercam 2020 Mill that benefit efficiency include:

The Adveon Tool Library solution is the first pure ISO13399 application directly connected to CAM software. Adveon reads and consumes ISO13399 data from any tool vendor.

• Advanced Toolpath Display now supports multiple wireframe toolpaths such as Ruled, Revolved, and more.
• You can now have multiple air region chains, instead of only one per machining region for Dynamic Mill and Area Mill toolpaths, defining different safe regions in which the tool can travel.
• When dragging geometry from one 3D HST operation to another, the pop-up menu now displays more options for copied geometry.
• In Swarf Milling, a new drop-down is available for cases where you need to realign the operations orientation from world Z to the WCS, Tool Plane, or Construction Plane.
• Spring passes and Overlap now work together for Contour, Pocket, Model Chamfer, and Dynamic Contour toolpaths. Overlap is applied to the final spring pass.
• When creating a tool, you can view a more extensive list of size properties.

You can learn more about these and dozens of additional enhancements to Mastercam Mill at