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Sandvik Coromant CoroPlus® ToolLibrary

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4 simple steps to prepare and import your tool assemblies

Finding the right tool information to build tool assemblies can be a daunting task. It usually involves searching through multiple sources and entering tool information manually.

With the latest release of Mastercam 2018, you can now easily import tool assemblies through CoroPlus® ToolLibrary. The library provides access to a catalog of digital tools that you can browse through and pick from to build assemblies for use in Mastercam. This will help increase speed and security in CAM programming.

Here’s how you can get started creating your assemblies:

Using filter commands
Using the filter commands, you can search through the digital catalog to find the right tools based on your parameters, and place them in your item library. The Sandvik Coromant catalog will come pre-installed, but you can add any supplier’s ISO 13399 cutting tool catalog simply by following the instructions under “Administration” > “Catalogs”.

Creating assemblies
Once you’ve found the right tool, create an assembly by clicking the plus sign next to a selected tool. Add or change inserts, holders and adaptors. The system will only let you assemble tools that fit together so you don’t have to guess which holder is going to fit with which tool. You will get an accurate representation of the actual tool.

Get tool recommendations
If you’re uncertain about which tool to use, get a tool recommendation that is best suited for your task with CoroPlus ToolGuide. The tool guide gives you recommendations on how to use the tool in the most efficient way to remove the material based on the type of machining you’re doing, and recommends speeds and feeds for that specific tool. This allows you to save time and optimize the utilization of your machine.

You can then create an assembly from a tool recommendation by saving the tool to your item library.

Import your saved assemblies
With a Mastercam license, all your saved assemblies from CoroPlus® ToolLibrary will be directly available to you inside Mastercam 2018. Just launch the Tool Manager and right-click on the part tool list to find the CoroPlus tool importer.

Make sure to contact your Mastercam reseller to acquire the license for the tool import functionality.

Learn more about CoroPlus® ToolLibrary and download your free version here.