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New Tool Libraries Available from Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions

Men working together on parts

Being part of the world’s largest CAM community has its advantages. One recent development is the partnership between Mastercam and Harvey Performance Company. An immediate result is that Mastercam users can now access more than 15,000 tools from their Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions brands on our Tech Exchange—with more on the way.

Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions tools are well respected and good quality. By having our technical teams work side by side, we were are able to optimize all of their tool data for Mastercam’s software and users, including anti-collision models for each tool.

Mastercam’s relationship with Harvey Performance Company will allow us to stay up to date with their tool library, and they have many specialty form tools that will be great for Mastercam users. This first addition to the Tech Exchange includes all the endmills, including tapered endmills.

Why is this so great for Mastercam users? It saves time for the machinist. Without this feature you would have to look up the tool in a catalog and type the tool specs into Mastercam. Now you can simply download the library for easy access to the tools you need, and the tool specs will automatically populate accurate, optimized data within Mastercam.

Soon, their whole library will be up and running on the Tech Exchange, and they are looking forward to offering even more specialty profile tools as well as drills and thread mills for Harvey Tool and chamfers for Helical in the future.