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Mastercam Training: New Core Course to Learn Mastercam Basics

mastercam university

Mastercam University is a virtual training portal that offers 24/7 access to self-paced Mastercam classes. It puts the power to expand one’s software knowledge directly in its students’ hands. Students can choose their classes according to what they’d like to learn, like 2D hole operations, surface finish options, or part handling.

Each course comes with a free download of Mastercam Demo/Home Learning Edition and awards you a certificate on completion. Mastercam University courses are always available; come with free resources; contain learning objectives, assessment questions, and challenges; and are specially formulated to teach Mastercam concepts in the most straightforward, easy-to-understand manner.

What is the Mastercam Core class?

Mastercam Core is a course designed to teach the Mastercam basics. It’s intended to level the playing field for all users starting their learning journey with Mastercam. Core deals mostly with recurring themes that appear throughout the software products, like design, chain selection, toolpath control, and geometry selection. As a result, students of the Core class will have strong foundational knowledge for all future Mastercam training.

What are the course objectives? 

As a prerequisite for all additional courses, Core will teach students the basics of Mastercam: how to navigate through the software and the similarities among the different areas of the software. Students will explore tool functions, workflow processes, and important features. The overall goal of Core is to teach students how to efficiently use the tools they will be seeing for the entirety of their career with Mastercam.

The course offers the following modules:

  • Module 1: Mastercam Interface and Layout
  • Module 2: Setting Up Your Part
  • Module 3: Gnomon Control and Plane Creation
  • Module 4: General Design
  • Module 5: Chaining and Toolpath Parameters
  • Module 6: Toolpath Setup and Creation
  • Module 7: Tool Manager
  • Module 8: Mastercam Simulator and Code Expert

Who should take this class? 

Anyone can take Mastercam Core. It’s recommended for those who have an interest in manufacturing and maybe have even taken Mastercam’s manufacturing basics course. Typical students are industrial customers new to Mastercam, students in technical schools starting their Mastercam training, and longtime users who want to brush up on their Mastercam skills.

Are there any courses you should take beforehand or info you need to know before getting started? 

Nope! This course is designed to teach you Mastercam basics, so you don’t need to take any coursework prior to getting started.

What’s the estimated time to complete the course? 

The course has over 200 minutes of total content, including 66 videos. Students are welcome to complete the course at their own speed and to access the course whenever they want to.

Ready to get started?

Sign in or create your account on Mastercam University to start taking Mastercam Core.