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Mastercam & Sandvik Coromant: Feeding Each Other’s Expertise

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he following is a guest blog written by Mastercam’s parent company, Sandvik Design & Planning Automation. Sandvik elaborates on how Sandvik and CNC Software have started sharing their expertise to find areas to collaborate.

Sandvik Coromant, a leader in tooling, machining solutions, and knowledge, and Mastercam, an innovator in CAD/CAM software, are leveraging their expertise in joint efforts. They share the same passion for customers and have a deep understanding of the industry. In return, it’s been easy to start a dialog on how they could combine their skills to connect their solutions and drive digital manufacturing. Mastercam has already started to support the Coromant PrimeTurning concept.

Empowering Each Other Through Continued Collaborations

Integration in manufacturing technology is the ability for one solution to seamlessly combine with another, essentially doubling previous capability as well as opening greater possibilities going forward. The same holds true with people working together – shared knowledge and expertise. That is what we have been achieving with two Sandvik companies – Sandvik Coromant and Mastercam. As we work together more and more, we learn from each other, addressing challenges and exploring new possibilities.

“From Sandvik Coromant, we are excited to work with Mastercam in all areas concerning manufacturing. We see many synergies of our two companies in helping customers work smarter within manufacturing”, said Tobias Unosson, Product Manager at Sandvik Coromant. 

Seamless Process and Technology Development Furthers Industry

As a leading provider of CAD / CAM solutions, Mastercam complements the growing Sandvik family. CAM programming and simulation are preeminent examples of hindsight in manufacturing. In return, Sandvik shares its long history of innovation and excellence in cutting tools and related technologies.


Assembling people with different backgrounds across companies into a development team opens possibilities for true innovation. Agile delivery process ensures real-time communication and full transparency in collaboration help remote teams achieve. Open minds, customer experience, and values are in focus throughout these continual discussions.

“Cross company cooperation is often challenging because you are working to integrate different technology stacks, which can be challenging. As we work together, we’ve been able to call on different skill sets from the Sandvik teams to help with different technical aspects of the development, and this has helped move things along.” David Boucher, Chief Product Officer at Mastercam.  

The Lighthouse Effect

With the help of the lighthouse factory program, collaboration will be strengthened. Continuous feedback for idea validation, testing on-site, and even building prototypes at the lighthouse factories is key.  Sandvik aims to integrate technologies, removing silos while connecting information and people with the support of lighthouse factories. Focusing on digital solutions, lighthouse factory initiatives engage customers and support their pursuit of the Sandvik user experience and maximum efficiency across all departments.