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Mastercam Partner Spotlight: NC2Check

Mastercam has been a proud partner of NC2Check since December of 2022. NC2Check is a complete G-code simulation software system created by international digital manufacturing solutions company CAMWERK GmbH. Its comprehensive mapping and verification pairs perfectly with Mastercam’s advanced CAM approaches. This blog will explain how users can take advantage of the cumulative power of both.

What is NC2Check?

NC2Check G-code simulation software translates a program’s planned NC code into exactly what it will do at the machine. After reading the NC code, NC2Check maps every toolpath precisely and accurately, allowing the user to see possible collisions before they happen and to visualize travel limits. The simulation software creates a complete 3D image of the machining process from beginning to end. Watching this model is the faster, cheaper version of watching the CNC machine run. NC2Check even considers fixturing and the part it will play during machining. As a result, users eliminate machine downtime, damaged pieces, and machine crashes.

How do Mastercam and NC2Check work together?

CAMWERK and CNC Software teams have coordinated to develop an integrated NC2Check product to work within the Mastercam interface. Now, NC2Check is available as an add-on to Mastercam that users can easily find as a button on their ribbon bar after installation. By launching this add-on, users can access all of NC2Check’s systematic G-code simulation and mapping tools within the same Mastercam session. Applications engineers recommend that users run their NC2Check often throughout programming to simulate and verify G-code programs before running them on their CNC machines. Once those errors are detected, they can be edited directly in Mastercam as NC2Check displays the line of the NC program that is causing the error, such as collision, edge violations, or travel limits.

After running NC2Check, users can return to their programming with a click of a button.

Who benefits from this partnership?

Any one of the 300,000 users of Mastercam can add the NC2Check product to their CAD/CAM software suite. Bircan Öztürk, Director for CAMWERK ends by saing, “With NC2Check, you can see collisions and errors directly on your PC and run on your machines completely virtually. We do not offer G-code simulation in the classic definition, we offer our customers the freedom to create ideas and creatively use ideas elsewhere in the company instead of looking for errors in the NC program, and to run in every single part on the CNC machine. It is a small tool, but its effect in production makes it a real-time miracle for everyone.” 

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