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Mastercam Announces Milestone 300,000th Installation

The Bazzana Team

Italian oil, gas, and advanced automotive supplier Bazzana F.lli highlights the value of working with Mastercam

Mastercam recently announced the 300,000th installation of its product, reinforcing its status as the most widely used CAM software in the world. The CAD/CAM software’s noteworthy installation went to Italian manufacturer Bazzana F.lli, expanding their longstanding partnership with Mastercam and their local Mastercam representative, Cadline Srl.

Bazzana F. Ili, based in the north of Italy, has specialized in the metalworking industry for over 40 years. Bazzana is a reference partner for many of the most famous Italian manufacturers of mechanical components in the Oil and Gas sectors. Thanks to their expertise, they are more present in the automotive field, with projects such as creating Tesla’s outer shell, structure, and chassis.

Bazzana began working with Mastercam in 2014, thanks to Cadline’s consulting and expertise with the CAM software. With the power of the local support of their Reseller, the possibility of customization to Bazzana’s needs was very effective and plays a big role in their success. Marco Bazzana, CEO, confirms “the use of Mastercam in combination with other software (Eureka and Robotmaster) allows us to reduce program test times. This reduction ensures an increase in productivity by up to 30%.

Founded in 1987 as the direct importer of Mastercam products in Italy, Cadline Srl is the only Reseller of Mastercam in the country. Cadline Srl’s work philosophy is based on the ever-changing needs of the market. Thanks to a group of highly trained people, they are able to guarantee every customer’s needs and requests, such as business and technical consulting, product training, and implementation of customized projects and applications.

Cadline Srl has made Mastercam available to customers in the mechanical engineering, automotive, tool and mold, and contract manufacturing industries ever since its founding over 35 years ago. “We’ve worked with Bazzana for the implementation of the d’Andrea head chook in Mastercam simulation and on the development of custom parametric post processors. They have always been available and open-minded, so working with them has been a positive and worthwhile experience,“ said Antonio Noaro, co-owner of Cadline SRL along with Giannino Nori.

For more information about Mastercam and Cadline Srl, please visit, or visit to learn about Bazzana F lli.