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How to Upgrade after Using Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS

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Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS is a product that combines Mastercam’s innovative CAM technology with SOLIDWORKS’ CAD tools. It is available for the Mastercam Mill, Lathe, and Router products. The product will be retired and will sunset with Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS 2023 on December 31, 2022. If this update will affect you, read on to learn how you can find the same quality CAD/CAM processing without this specific product.

What are my options to upgrade?

Mastercam Mill, Mastercam Lathe, or Mastercam Router

Now is the perfect opportunity to look into the standalone Mastercam Mill, Lathe, and Router products. In addition to the industry-leading CAM programming tools delivered, all standalone Mastercam products offer a complete suite of solid, surface, and mesh modeling tools, including model prep tools designed specifically for programmers.

With the standalone version, you also have the option to expand your software to include Mill-Turn, Swiss machine support, and Wire EDM. You will also have access to various add-ons like Mastercam Art, ProDrill, Blade Expert, Port Expert, Productivity+, and 5-axis Curve Machining and Drilling. Not sure if you want to commit? Try the free home learning version here: Mastercam Home Learning Edition.

Mastercam Design

While included in all of Mastercam’s diverse CAM solutions, Mastercam Design is also available as a standalone product. Design is a powerful CAD platform that takes users through creating new models, importing and editing existing models, and preparing models for machining. You can even design work-holding fixtures in the same space.

How do I take the next step?

Your local Mastercam Reseller will be able to walk you through the transition from Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS to the option that will work best for you and your shop.