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Get to Know Mastercam Reseller: Mastercam UK

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A Mastercam Reseller is a CAD/CAM expert who thoroughly knows our software and applications. We have Resellers located across the world and they act as your local guide when purchasing Mastercam software. In 2022, Mastercam UK Ltd was opened to support the CAD/CAM market in the UK and Iceland.

Who is the Managing Director at Mastercam UK?

Head shot of Stuart Adams

Stuart Adams has been appointed Managing Director of Mastercam UK. Stuart brings a wealth of experience in the manufacturing industry and will lead his experienced team of Mastercam experts in driving growth, delivering innovative solutions, and ensuring exceptional customer service.

A Little Background on Stuart

Stuart has a proven track record of success in senior leadership positions and has extensive experience in business development, strategic planning, and product management, making him the ideal candidate for the role. Stuart is passionate about using technology to drive innovation, and his expertise will be instrumental in helping Mastercam UK deliver cutting-edge solutions to its customers.

What is Stuart’s Role?

In his new role, Stuart is responsible for leading the team and managing all aspects of Mastercam UK’s operations, including sales, marketing, customer service, and support. His priority is to continue to drive growth and ensure that Mastercam UK remains the preferred software provider for the manufacturing industry. Stuart works closely with the global Mastercam team to develop and deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of his customers across various industries.

Words from Stuart

“I am excited to join the Mastercam UK team and look forward to working with our talented and dedicated staff to drive growth and deliver innovative solutions to our customers. The manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving, and Mastercam UK is well positioned to help our customers stay ahead of the curve. I am committed to ensuring that we continue to deliver exceptional customer service and provide our customers with the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.”

Mastercam UK Background

Mastercam UK team picture

The team at Mastercam UK has a longstanding background in the manufacturing and CAD/CAM industries and is greatly experienced in the needs of the UK customer. The team is primarily composed of technical sales and applications engineers who will assist users in all aspects of solution delivery.

Early Success and a Bright Future

With this new team in place, Mastercam UK is already successfully serving the CAD/CAM market in the UK by making Mastercam the software solution that will solve manufacturing challenges and answer customer needs.

Adams notes, “Business for us began in August 2022, and our customers are very happy with the efforts so far. Response from the overall Mastercam community in the UK has been impressive, and we are making great progress together.”

Want to Learn More About Mastercam UK?

For more information on Mastercam UK, please visit or the LinkedIn page for Mastercam UK at