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Mastercam Certification is an excellent way to demonstrate your talent and expertise using the world’s most widely used CAM software. Begin with Associate Level Certification and then advance to Mastercam Professional Level Certification as your skills improve.


Getting Started

Looking to start your journey? This helpful guide outlines the steps we recommend you take to achieve Mastercam Certification.

As you are getting started, your Mastercam Reseller is an excellent resource to help you explore your options for education and training. Mastercam Resellers often provide a variety of training opportunities to meet the needs of their local customer base, and your Reseller can advise you of additional programs in your region and help if you are considering the following:

  • Mastercam University online training.
  • 3rdParty training content.
  • Attending training at a local trade school, college, or university.

You can practice using Mastercam in school, on the job, and in the comfort of your own home. Every opportunity to gain CAD/CAM experience should be taken to challenge yourself with programming scenarios and fully develop your expertise.


Benefits of Mastercam Certification

Individuals with CNC programming and machining skills are in high demand in the manufacturing industry. This is an exciting career field where it is imperative to stay current with the latest technology.

  • Benefits to the end-user – Programmers and machinists with Mastercam Certification carry a useful credential to demonstrate their skills using our software.
  • Benefits to the employer – Hiring Mastercam Certified talent provides a level of confidence in knowing that a new employee has the skills necessary to get your jobs done right. Mastercam Certifications are a useful way to keep your skills current with the latest CAD/CAM solutions, regardless of industry or application type.

Certification Levels

Mastercam Certification uses a rigorous set of practical tests to examine a programmer’s ability to work effectively with CAM software, overcome common issues, and produce high quality finished parts. Testing for Mastercam Certification available at two levels.

Mastercam Associate Certification

Associate Certification is a reliable validation of your skills and knowledge in the use of Mastercam software. It is the first benchmark and a useful step toward a Mastercam Professional Certification.

Mastercam Professional Certification

Professional Certification includes comprehensive testing combined with a practical application component, using Mastercam to program a part based on a specific set of requirements. Professional Certification includes a proctored exam at a designated location.

Instructional courses and certification exams are available for purchase. Contact your Mastercam Reseller to learn more.

Questions About Certification?

Please contact us if you have any questions about Mastercam Certification.