Customers using a HEIDENHAIN TNC530, TNC620, and TNC640 controls can now unlock the power of Mastercam with our latest post processor release_WP_XTM_CN_TRANS. This post, developed in cooperation with the HEIDENHAIN CNC engineers, allows users to leverage everything Mastercam has to offer on one of the industry’s most well-known machines_WP_XTM_CN_TRANS.


Supported Features_WP_XTM_CN_TRANS

  • TNC530, TNC620, and TNC640 controls
  • PLANE commands (STAY, TURN, MOVE)


      • VECTOR

      • EULER

  • TCPM

      • TCPM (TNC640)

      • M128 (TNC530)

  • Multiaxis machining

      • Rotary output

      • Vector output

  • Drilling_WP_XTM_CN_TRANS

      • CYCLE 200 (Drilling)

      • CYCLE 205 (Universal Pecking)

      • CYCLE 203 (Universal Drilling)_WP_XTM_CN_TRANS

      • CYCLE 207 (Rigid Tapping)

      • CYCLE 202 (Boring)_WP_XTM_CN_TRANS

      • CYCLE 201 (Reaming)

  • Cutter comp (2D / 3D)
  • Subprograms
  • Safe Retract Routine
  • Coolant (X-style)
  • Canned text
  • Manual entry
  • HSM support (CYCL DEF 32)
  • Axis clamping
  • Work offsets (CYCL DEF 247 DATUM SETTING)
  • Transform operations (No subroutine output)_WP_XTM_CN_TRANS
  • Rotary axis limit detection_WP_XTM_CN_TRANS

Getting Started

If you have questions or you are ready to obtain the HEIDENHAIN TNC530, TNC620, and TNC640 Controls post processor, please contact your local authorized Mastercam Reseller_WP_XTM_CN_TRANS. You can find a local Reseller by visiting Mastercam.com/Resellers.

If you need additional support, please visit our technical support page_WP_XTM_CN_TRANS.