Corporate Training Courses

These training classes are offered at CNC Software, Inc. corporate headquarters in Tolland, Connecticut.

Date: July 27- 29th 2020 and Nov. 9-11th 2020

This course is a three-day class, comprising of 2+ days spent learning about our multiaxis toolpaths and a few hours of applying what you have learned on our 5-axis machines. This class will introduce the concepts and principles of multiaxis machining and will include the following:

  • Identifying common multi-axis machine tool configurations.
  • Understanding the differences between multiaxis positioning and simultaneous toolpaths and where to apply each.
  • Understand the different types of multiaxis toolpaths and their benefits.
  • Understand capabilities and advantages multiaxis toolpaths provide over conventional 3 axis toolpaths.
  • Learning how machine simulation is used to prove out your programming.
  • Cover the full process of multiaxis programming from job setup to posting gcode.
  • Understand the various geometry selection methods for controlling cut pattern, tool axis and collision control.
  • Understand the concepts of 3+2 programming, the use of stock models as they relate to advanced multiaxis toolpaths, and much more!
  • Prerequisite: This is an advanced course and uses Mastercam to create advanced toolpaths which requires the user to have an in-depth understanding of toolpath programming and CAD.
  • Creation in Mastercam. Please note: students should have previously programmed many toolpaths using Mastercam before taking this course.

Cost: $650/day per person includes lunch.

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