Become a Mastercam Research Participant!

The User Experience team at Mastercam is seeking passionate CAD/CAM professionals to participate in a variety of Mastercam research activities and shape the future of manufacturing.

To participate in Mastercam research activities you must have a My Mastercam account that is linked to your Mastercam customer account. For more information on a My Mastercam account please contact your local Reseller.

Please contact us at with any questions.

Research Activities

Usability Studies

Work with new Mastercam features to help us fine-tune the interface and workflow.

Surveys and Polls

Respond to surveys and polls with crucial feedback to aid in the development of Mastercam.

Online Focus Groups

Join a small group of people in a guided conversation about new Mastercam features.

Phone Interviews

Participate in one-on-one interviews to provide feedback on Mastercam features.

Customer Site Visits

Invite us on-site to observe how you work so we can better understand your environment and needs.


By working with the User Experience team at Mastercam, I feel like I have a voice in what we need the software to do. That allows me to do my job better and keep doing what I do to earn a living.

Ron Branch

You can improve Mastercam, improve workflows, you can see what is going on and what is coming in the future. You can get a feel for the future of Mastercam.

Stefan Hölzel

I have been working with Mastercam for more than 10 years, and this is the most important program in my job. I want to be part of its development in the future.

Mouayed B. Nasser

What I like about the surveys, usability studies, and focus groups is that you are getting information from those of us that are using the software every day.

Josh Commet

Working with the research team made me feel like Mastercam listens to the opinion of the users. Some of the things I said in my session made it into the final version of the product.

Paul Vezzetti

This is a very important area, and it is really great to be a part of it. As a distributor of Mastercam, to get a preview of new functions and be able to give direct feedback is important.

Michael Pfeil


Help us solve your manufacturing challenges and you will be eligible to receive gift cards and Mastercam gear as a thank you for your participation.