Mastercam’s Wildest Parts Competition

Tolland, CT – It’s that time of year again – time to think about entering Mastercam’s Wildest Parts competition. This year, Mastercam is offering two different competitions open to any current student, team of students, or instructor programming with Mastercam to participate in. 

Mastercam Wildest Parts Competition:
Students worldwide can enter their “wildest” part made in school this year to Mastercam’s Wildest Parts Competition and get a chance to win $1000 and other prizes.


The Wildest Parts Competition is an annual contest, sponsored by CNC Software, Inc. — developers of Mastercam® — where students can submit any part they cut during the school year.

Last year, the winning students were Grayson Weber from Capital High School in Helena, Montana who made a survival multitool and Christian Ziruk from Washington State University in Pullman, Washington who made a deep sea AUV camera enclosure. 

“We look for high quality, original parts that haven’t been made before, or parts that are familiar yet feature a unique, new design. We like eye-catching designs that would look nice on a display, because we do show them off at educational trade shows,” says Michelle Nemeth, Marketing Specialist at CNC Software. “We’re always impressive by how innovative students can be with Mastercam, and we encourage students to really think beyond the norm. They may create something specifically to enter into the competition — or have already made something in school that would qualify.”

Wildest Parts IMTS Edition:
This year, CNC Software, Inc., partnered with the Gene Haas Foundation, Haas Factory Outlet Chicago, and Haas Automation for a specific IMTS challenge. Entrants must submit an aerospace/rocket themed part to compete for up to $1,000 from Mastercam and $1,500 towards a scholarship for continuing education from the Gene Haas Foundation. 

IMTS is the International Manufacturing Technology Show held in Chicago. IMTS includes the Smartforce Student Summit for elementary through college students to learn about opportunities in manufacturing. The winning students and their parts will be celebrated at the Smartforce Student Summit in the Haas and Mastercam booths at IMTS.

Kathy Looman from Gene Haas Foundation says, “This year, as we were planning our IMTS Student Summit presence, we decided it would be very cool to have a contest like Mastercam’s Wildest Parts Competition. Not only could talented students design and build projects, they would be able to inspire their peers by having the projects displayed at IMTS. So, we asked Mastercam if we could join forces this year, and the rest was history!” 

The deadline for entries is June 30, 2018. Rules and entry form for the Wildest Parts IMTS Edition can be found at

Important rules for contestants:

  1. The parts must be programmed with Mastercam.
  2. For the IMTS competition, the part must be machined on a Haas machine.
  3. All entries must be created during the 2017-2018 school year.
  4. Applicable logos must be engraved on the part.
  5. Part must be smaller than 1 cubic foot, less than 42 inches long, and less than 16 inches tall.
  6. No weapons or weapon replicas.
  7. All designs become property of CNC Software, Inc.
  8. The part should not be painted in any way that obscures the quality of the machining.
  9. If three or fewer parts are entered in one division, CNC Software reserves the right to award  prizes as it sees fit.
  10. All entries must be received by June 30, 2018. Parts should be packaged well to avoid damage during shipment.

For complete rules and details about the awards, divisions, and judging criteria for these competitions, please visit