CNC Software, Inc. Reorganizes Educational Division

CNC Software, Inc.’s dedicated educational division recently underwent organizational changes designed to better align it with the needs of the industry it serves. Effective July 1, 2015, the group of four representatives housed in the Gig Harbor, WA office report to divisional leaders located in the Tolland, CT headquarters.

“This is an exciting quarter as it marks the official integration of our educational division into our corporate office.
It is more important than ever that we continue to respond to the needs of the educational industry since they are helping to develop the future of manufacturing.”

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President Meghan Summers West said. “We made a strategic decision to align this division even closer with the rest of our company. Previously, our educational group worked as a standalone department, but now it has been integrated into our main organization, allowing us to allocate even more resources to our educational ventures.”

Dan Newby, who had previously served as the Educational Sales Manager for over 27 years, will report to Doug Nemeth, Director of Sales for North America and Europe, and will continue his work as Educational Territory Manager. He will now have additional and increased support combining efforts from the entire corporate sales department. Other staff onsite in Gig Harbor will report to respective department managers in Tolland, CT.

“I’m excited about this change because it means we’ll be able to better understand and respond to the needs of all of our customers – whether they are in the educational or industrial arena,” Doug Nemeth said. “By integrating both divisions, we can leverage the expertise and experience of our entire staff and continue to lead the way when it comes to preparing students for jobs in manufacturing.”

CNC Software’s commitment to the educational industry is evident in its devotion to exciting and engaging educators and students to help develop future machinists, engineers, and programmers. According to the most recent analysis of CAM software seats produced by CIMdata, Inc., CNC Software’s Mastercam is the world’s most widely used CAM software in both industrial and educational settings. With over 100,000 paid, installed educational seats worldwide, Mastercam has nearly twice the installed base of the closest competitor.

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