X9 Beta: Rethinking Repositioning

Note: Our latest beta is ready to go! If you’re a maintained user and want to check out X9, please join the thousands of shops worldwide who are taking X9 for a test drive.

Rethinking repositioning

In today’s X9 preview we take a look at a crucial element of complex machining that is not intended to remove material – repositioning between cuts. Fast and safe repositioning helps you make the most of your multiaxis equipment by eliminating unneeded motion.

Mastercam X9’s new Multiaxis Link option ensures reposition moves between 2-5 axis operations are safe and collision-free. Select a list of operations and a safety zone shape (defined either manually or automatically), and Mastercam X9 creates safe transition moves based on those choices. A clear preview helps you in your safety zone definition.

You can quickly select an axis of rotation and output the reposition moves at your rapid feed rate or any other preferred feed rate. Operation repositioning is safer and more efficient than ever before.

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