WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017 Summary

For over 20 years, Mastercam has been the Exclusive CAM sponsor at WorldSkills, with four events focusing on manufacturing this year alone; Manufacturing Team Challenge, CNC Turning, CNC Milling, and Plastic Die Engineering. This requires a great deal of support all year round for the teams that are training to compete using Mastercam. To give an idea of the scope of WorldSkills, there were teams of young professionals from 77 countries competing in the 51 overall events. As a Global Partner with WorldSkills, CNC Software, Inc. has relied heavily on our world-renowned Reseller network to provide the tools and training the competing countries need to succeed. For the 2017 competition, over 100 student teams in over 20 countries have been practicing using Mastercam with the local support network there every step of the way. Not only do the local Resellers provide excellent support, but they also like to see their home countries compete at the highest level. There is a tremendous sense of pride in training those that help Shape the Future of Manufacturing.

At the actual event while the students are competing, Mastercam professionals have set the bar high for support, only to find our efforts mirrored by fellow sponsor companies. We had an amazing and diverse team from Resellers in India and the U.A.E., Russia and Latvia, Germany, and a team of people from CNC Software on hand this year in Abu Dhabi to make sure the events ran smoothly. When we walked into the event on the first day of preparation, the teams and their Chief Experts met the Mastercam team with applause and announced that “The Mastercam Dream Team has arrived.”

According to the veterans at the competition, this was the smoothest these four competitions had ever run. From sponsors Mastercam, Blaser Swiss Lube, Mitutoyo, Sandvik, and DMG Mori, questions asked were easy and solved quickly. There were no crashes requiring a decision to determine if it was man, machine, or software that caused the problem.

Congratulations to all the participants, especially the following winners:

Manufacturing Team Challenge
Gold: Yuhei Ueno, Taku Mogami, Tomohiro Aso (Japan)
Gold: Willon Santos, Thiago Lima, Mateus Gomes (Brazil)
Bronze: Peitong Liu, Yunan Gao, Zhiyuan (China)
Bronze: Surak Kim, Dohun Kwak, Sangmin Lee (Korea)

CNC Turning
Gold: Mateus Moriel (Brazil)
Silver: Zhimin Chen (China)
Bronze: Gumin Heo (Korea)

CNC Milling
Gold: Denghui Yang (China)
Silver: Mitsuaki Kemmochi (Japan)
Silver: Jeongjun Yoon (Korea)

Plastic Die Engineering
Gold: Zhang Zhibin (China)
Silver: Narae Kim (Korea)
Bronze: Hayato Miyasaka (Japan)

The next WorldSkills event is WorldSkills Kazan 2019, and announced at the event (similar to the Olympics location selection) was 2021 Shanghai.