Workforce Skills Crisis–How Mastercam is Dealing With It

We’ve seen it coming for a long time; the maturation of the baby boomers and their eventual disappearance from the workforce. Now that the day is finally dawning on us, it seems to be a crisis of overwhelming proportions. It’s a problem for any company that participates in manufacturing. Mastercam is no exception.

For years, Mastercam applications specialists have been hired from within the ranks of resellers or customers who were experienced users of the product. Today, our applications specialists are largely recruited from community colleges and universities and then directed to hone their skills with a combination of on-line course work via Mastercam University and in-house mentoring.

Like other web-based learning resources that teach Mastercam skills (e.g.Streaming Teacher, and eApprentice, CamInstructor), Mastercam University provides instruction in well-defined modules. Users can access these as often as needed on their pace and schedule. This approach has been working well for Mastercam, as it has for many or our users.

Just like many of our innovative customers, we are using all of the educational resources at our disposal to find a way to grow our skilled workforce and ensure our future in the new CNC manufacturing economy. With sufficient determination, we can innovate our way out of this crisis. We have to.

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