Why Cimquest Is More Than a World-Leading Mastercam Reseller

The name Cimquest, Inc. is synonymous with service, especially to manufacturers on the U.S. east coast. Founder and CEO Rob Hassold started the company over 30 years ago to help production manufacturers from Maine to Virginia find solutions for machining and additive manufacturing. His dedication has resulted in a company that has become one of the leading certified Mastercam Resellers in the world.

From Branchburg, New Jersey, Cimquest can help its customers with almost anything they could need—CAM software, CAM support, 3D printers, 3D printing support, scanning and inspection technology, design and programming services, and even part production. Hassold and Rick Bair, Director of Mastercam Sales, recently shared their thoughts on why Cimquest is even more than a world-leading Mastercam Reseller.

Q: What services does Cimquest offer to customers?

Rob: We do it all for CAD/CAM and for 3D printing. We supply software and 3D printers, we offer technical support and consulting, we provide training, we even produce code and parts for customers in-house. In fact, we are fully equipped for scanning and reverse engineering parts.

We also pride ourselves on our training. Cimquest has been offering hybrid training for over seven years now. Customers have the option of attending our classes one of three ways—they can come to the location where the class is being held and meet with the instructor, they can go to one of our other facilities and attend remotely while still having access to our equipment, or they can attend from their home or office. We still limit those classes to eight students total, no matter their location, so that the instructor can help each and every one of them. Luckily, because we already had this set up, COVID-19 didn’t hit us as hard as it could have.

Rick: We do rotate our classes through all of our offices systematically so that all of our customers will have equal opportunities to attend. Even still, we like to schedule onsite consulting days with our customers to give them personalized help when they need that.

Rob: We’re also unique in that we have a full staff of post processing developers. Most of the posts we provide to our customers are developed internally at Cimquest by a team that specializes in that particular feature.

Rick: Our post processing department has only one concentration—getting the best posts possible out to users. Some support providers have applications engineers that work on training, technical support, really everything, in addition to post processing. One of the advantages of having a dedicated team of post processing experts is having a certain standardization across tools and technologies we employ. It’s not reliant on the native knowledge of one particular developer.

Q: What products do you offer?

Rob: We’ve sold Mastercam from the beginning. In fact, it’s the only product we sell today that we sold 30 years ago. We’ve also been providing 3D printers for about 24 years, before it was even called 3D printing. Further, we represent scanning and inspection technologies.

Q: Why do you sell Mastercam?

Rob: There are a lot of great CAM systems on the market, there’s no doubt. But so many of those players have come and gone over time. They’ve fallen to the wayside or just failed to stay relevant. I can confidently say that Mastercam is a great tool and very much balances ease of use with capability, but my biggest selling point is the stability of the product. When customers purchase Mastercam, they’re not just buying it; they’re investing in the overall success of their business. The last thing you want as a customer is to spend the money to install software, train your staff on it, pay to have post processors developed, and build up a database of programs just for the CAM system to become obsolete. I think CNC Software has created something really unique for the market.

Rick: In addition to the stability, the network of Resellers and support that has been cultivated is phenomenal. Some of these Resellers have been in the game for decades, and they have relationships with their clients for just as long. They’re still around because they believe in the product. And CNC Software is there to help if ever they run into problems, and they do it without micromanaging the Reseller or the customer. It’s been a great ride so far, and I couldn’t imagine selling anything else.

Q: Is there an advantage to Cimquest being a local Mastercam support hub for its customers?

Rob: Absolutely, we see that all the time. Especially now, many companies are trying to go completely cloud-based. Unfortunately, they just can’t provide the same level of support they could as a localized Reseller.

We understand the local community and have lasting relationships with the local educational organizations that are producing the next generation of Mastercam users. There’s so much that goes into that knowledge and that comradery. Even with how advanced technology is becoming, sometimes we just need to go onsite to help. Often those visits give us the opportunity to see things past the problem that we’re there for; maybe a machine can be leveraged a different way or we see certain toolpaths that the customer is struggling with.

Q: Are there any unique challenges in your region?

Rob: The diversity of the industries in our area can be challenging. Many companies have only ever worked in one market sector or application area, and they need us to be experts in it. That involves learning the terminology and acronyms and expectations overall.

Q: Are there any unique opportunities in your region?

Rob: The very same diverse customer base that creates challenges also provides a benefit in that our business success isn’t coupled to just one main industry sector. It would be analogous to a job shop that just handled aerospace over the past year vs. one that services many different industries. We’re more stable this way.

Q: What makes Cimquest special?

Rob: Our longevity with Mastercam is really important to us and to our customers as well. We’re one of the largest Resellers in the world, so we have unmatched resources and experience. As machining gets more complicated with multiaxis and Swiss, it’s really impossible for one person to be an expert in all things for one CAM system. We have a great group of people who come from the industry themselves, and they’re all experts in different parts of CAM.

Our other big advantage is that we are experts in additive manufacturing as well. Additive is going to be playing a bigger and bigger role in production manufacturing as time goes on, but 3D printers are only so accurate. That’s where Mastercam comes in. These 3D printed parts need to be post process machined to meet those tight tolerances and engineer those critical features. Providing both sets us apart in the market.

Rick: For the other sales associates and me to go out and sell Mastercam, it’s a huge help to be able to sell Cimquest, too. It’s really important that I can explain to customers that Cimquest is not just there to provide software. We sell and service 3D printers, we are on call for any technical support customers need, we do training, we develop posts, we do reverse engineering and part production.

We love helping customers get the biggest bang for their buck. My favorite part is that we don’t have to criticize other software and technologies to do it. When we host open house events at Cimquest, we often bring in competitive products to run alongside ours. When our customers see that, they realize that we’re there to give them the manufacturing answers they need, not to line our own pockets.