Where’s Your Mastercam Reseller?

If you notice a delay in response from your Mastercam Reseller next week, there’s a good reason. We’re gathering resellers from across the globe for our 2014 Mastercam Reseller Conference on September 4-6th. This intense 3-day conference delivers product training, Mastercam technical tips and product direction to your Reseller. In addition, select Resellers are staying though the weekend and into the following week for a series of in-depth advanced training sessions covering the Mastercam software family. This is all done so your Reseller can come back with the latest knowledge and technical skills to serve you better.

However, it’s likely you may not notice any delay. Each break, meal, and walk to a conference room is filled with Resellers rapidly responding to Mastercam users, answering questions, and providing support. They’re there because they want to support you the best way they can, and they don’t stop. Even when we ask them to turn off their cell phones!

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