What’s Your CAM Initiative?

CAM Initiatives are on-going programs (large or small) advocated and driven by top management who encourage manufacturing personnel in the shop to take the time necessary to investigate how they can use equipment and software they already own (or could easily acquire) to do their work more efficiently. In our experience manufacturing companies who undertake CAM Initiatives are among the most productive and profitable.

So the question we ask here is: “What’s Your CAM Initiative?” If you don’t have one at the moment, here is a short list of initiatives other manufacturers have pursued to great advantage:

  • Encourage customers to send models whenever possible to save thousands upon thousands of dollars in redrawing costs.
  • Train everyone in your company to improve their CAM knowledgeability and proficiency. This results in better work process flexibility and short circuits the talent crisis by making it easier to promote from within.
  • Reduce tool wear by using appropriate new cutter technology along with Mastercam’s Dynamic Toolpaths. This not only reduces tool costs but also improves productivity because far fewer tool changes are required.
  • Run lights out whenever possible to get more spindle hours from existing equipment. Mastercam’s Dynamic Toolpaths and simulation features will allow you to do this with great confidence.
  • Increase feeds and speeds whenever possible within reasonable limits to improve productivity and lead times. In many cases Dynamic Toolpaths (again) can help you make dramatic improvements in this area.
  • Become proficient at 3 + 2 machining: 3 + 2 machining on 5-axis equipment allows many different operations in multiple planes with just one setup resulting in very high levels of productivity on a single piece of equipment.
  • Enlist Your Mastercam Reseller to become part of your CAM Initiative. They are likely to have many other specific ideas you can use for improving productivity, profitability and/or obtaining a competitive advantage.

Contact your local Mastercam Reseller to start your CAM Initiative today!

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