What’s New Mastercam 2019: Hole Axis Enhancements

Mastercam 2019 includes many advances to help streamline your entire process, from job setup to job completion. Today we’ll look at What’s New in Mastercam 2019: Hole Axis Enhancements.

Hole Axis, located on the Model Prep tab, has been enhanced for Mastercam 2019 based on user feedback. Hole Axis now supports tapered holes. Press [Ctrl] when selecting a tapered hole to quickly select all holes with the same taper angle. Hole Axis also includes a new Drill option that creates a vector starting at the top of the hole and extends it outward to prepare for spot drilling operations. In addition, the function now has an All Holes button that selects all holes regardless of diameter.

To learn more about how Mastercam 2019 can improve your production efficiency to save your organization time and money, contact a Mastercam Reseller in your area.