What’s New in X3 Wire and Design?

Mastercam X3 Wire and Design introduce many new features and enhancements that expand machining flexibility and increase speed and automation. This article describes the main features. To see more, please visit the links at the end of the article.

Mastercam X3 Wire introduces a new feature that will improve workflow when programming 4-axis wirepaths. It is the ability to have more than one 4-axis path in a single operation. For instance, if you have nine features all contained in a single operation, you can now change settings in the parameters in a single operation that will affect all of the paths in the operation. Another addition is enhanced Tab Control options for 4-axis wirepaths. These new options give you much more control over the tab that is created when doing 4-axis wirepaths.

Mastercam X3 Design has many features to make you faster and more efficient. The Xform function has been streamlined to make part creation and setup faster and easier than ever before. General Selection now provides a Last Function feature to reselect all entities that you had previously selected, saving you time. The Line Perpendicular ribbon bar now includes a Flip button for easier line construction.

Please visit http://www.mastercamwire.com/ to view the Wire Web site, and http://www.mastercamdesign.com/ to view the Design Web site.

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