What’s New in Mastercam X3 Router

Mastercam X3 Router introduced many new features and enhancements that expand machining flexibility and increase speed and automation. This article describes the main features. To see more, please visit the links at the end of the article.

TrueShape Nesting – Mastercam X3 Router now includes TrueShape Nesting as a standard feature. TrueShape Nesting optimizes your material use for greatest yields and an improved bottom line. Users can efficiently nest interlocking parts with a variety of options including:

  • Custom sheet definition
  • Ability to maintain grain direction of any part
  • “Filler” part nesting to reduce waste
  • Full control over part spacing and sheet margins
  • And much more

Engraving – Mastercam X3 Router also now includes Engraving as a standard feature. Mastercam’s Engraving gives you the effect of classic hand-carved art using your CNC machine. Sharp inside corners give the finished piece a crisp edge that is unattainable with conventional machining.

Mastercam’s Engraving gives you a wide variety of options and effects:

  • Standard “chiseling”
  • Embossed images
  • Easily engrave any TrueType font
  • Remachining allows you to cut an area with a large tool and automatically remove remaining material with a smaller tool
  • Constant volume depth cuts provide more consistent tool load
  • And much more

Additional Features include:

  • Feature Based Machining
  • New 2D High Speed Toolpaths for Router
  • Improved multiaxis toolpaths

Learn more about the Mastercam Router.

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