What’s New in Mastercam 2021: Turning Enhancements (Part 3)

Mastercam 2021 includes many enhancements to help you streamline your manufacturing process, from job setup to job completion. Our series of What’s New videos is available for you to check out these improvements for yourself. Plus, you can always learn more about the latest CAD/CAM advancements in our software by visiting whatsnew.mastercam.com.

Today, let’s take a look at our final batch of videos demonstrating Mastercam 2021 Turning Enhancements to improve the ease and functionality of your CAD/CAM process.

Mill-Turn Simulation has been added to the Mastercam Simulator interface in Mastercam 2021. This video will show you some of the highlights including the new interface, a more intuitive Machine Axis Controller, and more.

This video showcases a new development for Mill-Turn in Mastercam 2021. Within certain limits, Mill-Turn users now have the ability to transform a transform operation.

Check out recent enhancements in turning for work-holding components! New for Mastercam 2021, Mill-Turn supports collet chucks and collets as individual component types. This video shows how collets and collet chucks are fully supported by Machine Simulation. See how to create and organize them in libraries and much more.

We hope you have found the What’s New videos about Mastercam 2021 Turning Enhancements to be informative. To find out how Mastercam 2021 can improve your specific production efficiency to make better parts faster, contact your local Mastercam Reseller for more information.

Special Note: Every year, we develop Mastercam using the feedback and suggestions we receive from our global community of users. Input from the manufacturing community is critical to our process, to make sure our manufacturing solutions keep pace with the needs of industry and education worldwide.

If you are a Mastercam user and would like to help shape the future development of CAD/CAM, please consider your options to participate in these Top 3 Ways to Shape the Future of Manufacturing.

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