What’s New in Mastercam 2020: Selection

Mastercam 2020 includes many advances to boost your productivity and help streamline your manufacturing process from job setup to job completion. Today we look at What’s New in Mastercam 2020: Selection.

In Mastercam 2020, the AutoCursor Settings dialog box, opened by selecting AutoCursor Configuration on the Selection Bar, has been renamed Selection and added to the System Configuration dialog box. The option on the Selection Bar has also been renamed to reflect this change.

Enhancements to Selection include a number of improvements to speed up design changes to your parts including contextual ribbon tabs that display when you select different types of geometry in the graphics window. Click here to learn more about the many Selection enhancements in Mastercam 2020.

To find out how Mastercam 2020 can save your organization time and money, contact a Mastercam Reseller in your area.

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