What’s a Mastercam Signature Part?

A Mastercam Signature Part is a sample part based on real-world applications and created by expert Applications Engineers to demonstrate specific toolpaths and software tips. Essentially, a Signature Part is an easy-to-understand example of your software’s abilities.

Each part has accompanying files and videos that explain every part of the process: model design in CAD, process planning, fixture creation, toolpath generation, machine setup, simulation, and machining. Parts can be everything from suspension mounts to blow mold assemblies to turrets and more. So how are they used and how are they accessed?

When are Signature Parts useful?

When a new version of Mastercam comes out.

The Applications Engineers in the Mastercam Manufacturing Lab work for months to prepare and deliver Signature Part files and videos to accompany every new software rollout. This content explains exactly how best to apply the improvements that come with each new version of software so that users can immediately start reaping the benefits.

When you’re working with a similar part.

Say a customer comes to you with a request for a caliper bracket, and for whatever reason, you could benefit from taking a more meticulous look at your machining approach. Maybe this particular part is outside of the normal scope of your shop or maybe you’d just like to see if your program is as efficient as it can be. All you have to do is pull up that Mastercam Signature Part file or watch a few of its videos on YouTube, and you will more than likely have new ideas to work with – or the confidence that not even Mastercam Application Engineers could have done it better.

When you are learning a new technique.

If you’ve programmed your parts for years or even decades one particular way, but then hear about some of these more powerful approaches, you don’t have to put your own parts at risk as you experiment with them. Take the recent improvements to mesh editing for example. Rather than going into your CAD/CAM system and blindly altering your hard-earned finished part files, start by watching the suspension arm example on YouTube. If that makes sense, download the part file and mess around with that for a while. The process won’t take long at all, but it will shave cycle times for years to come as you bring your new knowledge to your own shop floor.

When you need to shake things up in your shop.

There is undeniably an advantage to having a set routine when building part files, but there’s also a danger in the “this is how we’ve always done it” mindset. Not to mention the sheer monotony of it. If you ever feel stuck in a rut with machining or coming up against the same mental roadblocks while creating a part – or maybe you’re just plain bored – engage your mind with something new for you. We recommend looking into the Witch Doctor BattleBots video series for a fun, easy way to “reset” your brain.

How do I access Signature Part files?

To access Signature Part files, visit the Tech Exchange using your Mastercam account here. You will be able to scroll through all of the available files and download the ones that you find interesting. All part files are available as .mcam files.

Don’t have a Mastercam account? No problem. Click here to create a free account. Your account will also give you access to forum discussions, exclusive articles, additional Mastercam products, and technical support.

Where can I learn more about Signature Parts?

Check out the Mastercam Signature Parts series on YouTube to get started watching. The videos will go over each part and the toolpaths used to create them. If you want to know even more, reach out to your local Reseller.

How do I get in touch with a Reseller about Signature Parts?

Fill out this simple Find a Reseller form to be put in contact with your local Reseller. They’re experts in Mastercam and its Signature Parts, but also the industry in your area.