What We Learned at AWFS 2015

We’d like to thank everyone who came out to see us at AWFS ( the Association of Woodworking & Furniture Suppliers). We got to talk to woodworkers doing everything from high-volume flat-panel work to highly complex one-off architectural millwork.

We saw something very interesting this time around. We always ask people coming into the booth what they are looking for – what type of projects they do, what their machine capabilities are, what equipment they need to do the jobs they want to get. This time, we frequently got an answer we didn’t expect – “everything”. And we got it far more than we have at any other AWFS. People were at the show looking not just for CAM software, but for the whole setup. Machines, tooling, CAD, CAM, material suggestions, dust abatement, you name it. This is a great thing, as it indicates a strong and growing segment of industry.

We were fortunate to have some practical router experts in our booth, and even more fortunate to have several partners around the show floor that we could rely on for advice; Anderson, Fagor, Laguna, Northwood, Thermwood, and more. We were especially happy to have one of the great wooden goblets that C.R. Onsrud was cutting in their booth – all programmed with Mastercam. And we talked about some of those partners in our educational presentation the main stage about maximizing your CAD/CAM software.

And finally, we had had a lot of people coming in and asking about the Yoda head and customizable Adirondack chairs that we designed, programmed and cut for the show. So much so, that we expect to see some similar ones floating around next year!

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