What is Unbounded Tool Motion?

Intelligent Dynamic Motion Technology automatically adjusts tool motions according to conditions ahead of the tool.

Conventional CNC toolpaths are based on bounded geometry. That means the tool enters the material and sets off in one direction until it encounters a wall or some other obstacle and reverses itself. It zigs and zags until it covers all of the area delineated by the part model, obediently cutting whatever is in its path– material or air, it doesn’t matter.

Mastercam’s advanced Dynamic Motion Technology generates toolpaths that do something very different. The motion of the tool is not defined strictly by boundaries of the area to be machined. Instead, the toolpaths are governed by a sophisticated set of rules that takes into consideration not only the area from which metal is to be removed but also the changing condition of the material throughout the various stages of machining.

In other words, the toolpath has enough intelligence to look ahead to see what is coming up and modify feeds, speeds, stepovers and cutting motions based on ever-changing material conditions as the part is being cut. The objectives of these rules are to cut the material as efficiently as possible while minimizing excessive lateral forces and heat generation that result in accelerated tool and machine wear.

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