What is the Mastercam Customer Feedback Program?

Have you ever wondered what this question is all about when you first start-up Mastercam?

The Customer Feedback Program is a useful tool that gives us insights into how Mastercam is being used. To date we have received information from over 5.5 million sessions of Mastercam. And with all that data we now know that:

  • 91% of customers are running Windows 7
  • The RAM usage is as follows:
    • 23% are running 4-8
    • 40% of users are running between 2 and 4 gigs of RAM
    • 20% are running 2 gigs or less
    • 17% are running less than 2 (You guys need to increase you RAM, more is better!)
  • 68% of our users are running 64 bit systems
    • Yet only 23% have 4-8 gigs of RAM (increase your RAM to increase your performance.)

Not only do we have a better understanding of hardware and software, but we also get a sense of the use of specific functions in Mastercam. All of this information is very useful in helping us plan our future development efforts. Thank you to all that have opted into the program. We appreciate your help.

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