What is a Mastercam Reseller?

A Mastercam Reseller is CAD/CAM expert who knows our software and applications thoroughly. We have Resellers located across the world and they act as your local guide when purchasing Mastercam software.

If you’re thinking about starting with Mastercam, but the idea of having to go through a Reseller is making you hesitant, this is the blog for you. The truth is that working with a Reseller isn’t an extra step in purchasing your software. It’s a critical part of the process that will set your shop up for success. We use our vast network of experienced, local certified Resellers to make the installation process easier – not harder.

What does a Mastercam Reseller do?

The first thing your local Mastercam Reseller will do when you reach out is determine how best to help you. Most application engineers on a Reseller’s team have years – even decades – of experience working directly on shop floors, so they know the value of only investing in the most useful tools for the job.

Resellers will not push superfluous gadgets and systems on you. Instead, they will ask you to guide them through your business and workflow. Some questions may include:

  • What are your day-to-day operations like?
  • What are your most common parts and how they are currently made?
  • What machines are you using?
  • What are your goals for your shop in the future?

Using this information, they’ll help you find the best software package and add-ons. Then, your Reseller will help you install however many seats you have chosen, give you pointers, and step back to let you start taking advantage of your software.

Why does Mastercam work with Resellers?

Local Mastercam Resellers are just that: local. They know your market best.

Your Reseller will understand your concerns about material prices, your competitors and customers, and the area’s skilled labor availability, because they are right there with you, experiencing it for themselves. Also, if you ever find your shop in need of quick, in-person troubleshooting, your Reseller is usually able to meet with you that same week.

What can a Reseller help me with?

You already know that your Reseller will help you choose, install, and get started with the best software options for your shop. But their value doesn’t end there. Before you launch your software, you can take advantage of your Reseller’s training offerings.

Most Resellers provide general, specific, or customized training in a variety of selections: in-person one-on-one, at your shop for your entire team at once, self-paced online, or at their headquarters or branch locations. Take advantage of this to train new employees, learn new tricks, and stay up to date with the latest software versions.

For quick software questions or troubleshooting, call or email your Reseller. Often, if you send your Mastercam file to your Reseller, they can fix the problem and return the program that same day. Your Reseller is also your personal connection to the latest product news and updates.

How do I get in touch with my local Reseller?

We’ve made finding and contacting your local Reseller easy. Simply fill out this form to get started.