Welcome to Mastercam’s Manufacturing Lab

Our Not-So-Typical Workspace

By Ke Wang, Manager, Applications Engineering

Throughout most of CNC Software Inc.’s headquarters in Tolland, CT, we have all sorts of high-powered people who work in very nice offices and conference rooms. There are corporate executives, sales and marketing staffers, customer support people, Mastercam® product owners and developers, user experience researchers, algorithm designers, and numerous coders. These are very exciting places to work, I have no doubt, but I am very content to be spending most of my time in a very unique environment known as the Mastercam Manufacturing Lab.

Why? Because all the great CAD/CAM software ideas that these exceptional people conceive of and create will eventually arrive at the Lab and be put to the severest tests we can conjure up. If their ideas don’t make it through the Manufacturing Lab, they don’t get to our customers in the next version of Mastercam. We have broken a great many tools and scrapped all kinds of parts to make sure the folks over in the soft workspaces have gotten their CAD/CAM solutions right for our customers.

That’s not all we do in Mastercam’s Manufacturing Lab: When our support people are stumped by a customer’s unique question, we will jump in and devise a Mastercam solution or a work-around that might go into the next version of the software. We collaborate with customers, tool vendors and machine builders to develop specialized applications that solve important manufacturing problems. We leave our shop and go visit customers’ shops to see what they are doing so we can figure out how our software can help them do it better. We do a great deal of training, here in the lab and on the road at our resellers. Our goal is to make sure our customers and those who work with them know how to make best possible use of all the tools available to them in Mastercam. Finally, we host groups from schools and universities to encourage young people to consider manufacturing as one of the most exciting career opportunities of this century.

There’s a lot going on in the Manufacturing Lab at CNC Software. In subsequent posts to this blog series, you will be introduced to the other application engineers who work in the lab and they will tell you about some of the exciting projects they have been working on.

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