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Where do you go when you need more information about Mastercam? Your reseller? A book? eMastercam.com? The guy in the next cubicle? Well, there is another source that comes installed with Mastercam–The Mastercam Help System. You may have clicked on the question mark button on a dialog box, but the help system contains many other useful tools that most people don’t know about.
Here are just a few:

  • Green text in the help actually expands when you click it to give you more details on that topic such as, “How do I get here?” or “Learn more”.
  • The fastest way to find information in Mastercam is to go to the Search tab in the help or the Find field in the docs, and type in the text you are looking for surrounded by quotes.

  • You can link directly to every video in Mastercam help from the Mastercam video tips topic.
  • There is a direct e-mail link to the Technical Documentation Department at CNC Software at the bottom of every help topic that you can use if you have questions, suggestions, or feedback about the help or any other docs.

So the next time you need help with Mastercam, and the guy who sits next to you is nowhere to be found, consider diving into the Mastercam Help System instead.

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