Wanted: Customers to Participate in Mastercam Focus Group and Prototype Program

Starting in 2008 during the Mastercam X4 development cycle, CNC Software initiated a new Focus Group/Prototype Program. The goal of this new program is to get customer feedback early in the development process, field-test potential new enhancements, and allow for interface improvements and changes before final release.

So far, this new Focus Group/Prototype Program has been very successful. It has resulted in several new areas of improvement and has led to new enhancements for the Mastercam X4 release, such as multi-thread processing, toolpath refinement, dynamic pocketing, customized setup sheets, bump-mode nesting, Agievision custom user interface, and more. The Focus Group members were able to see their input addressed throughout the development cycle and had direct impact on the development of new features.

Not many people are aware of the program because we kept the initial program small and manageable in order to refine processes and procedures for future releases. Like the Beta program, the Focus Group/Prototype Program requires a commitment of time, and members must be willing to meet certain requirements:

  • Commit to spending a specified amount of time based on Focus Group needs for a given product enhancement.
  • Provide regular feedback and reporting to CNC Software.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled webinars and feedback sessions.
  • Agree to strict non-disclosure.
  • Meet Mastercam Beta tester qualifications.

Although participating in Mastercam Focus Groups requires a substantial commitment, members receive enormous benefits. They have the ability to give and receive early feedback on emerging enhancements, help direct feature development, ensure that their requirements are being met in the final release, and influence enhancements and improvements in future releases.
Initial Focus Groups for each project are kept relatively small (typically no more than 10 to 15 users). Most candidates are recruited by our Authorized Resellers and coordinated through the CNC Software Product Management department.

We are currently looking for additional Focus Group candidates in a number of application areas. Those interested in participating should send an e-mail with their contact info to their Authorized Reseller or Distributor with a Cc: to prototypes@mastercam.com . The e-mail should include details on their area of application expertise, challenges they are facing, and areas of special interest.

As we get closer to the Focus Group/Prototype Program release stage, we’ll contact Resellers and candidates to verify interest and commitment.

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