VERISURF: From Point Clouds to Solids, Verisurf AutoSurface is a Fast Reverse Engineering Solution

Many Mastercam customers have been using the Reverse Engineering tools from Verisurf Software for high-volume point cloud acquisition and management, right in Mastercam, to reverse-design into a mesh, surface, or solid model that can be directly used for manufacturing or inspection purposes. Now, with the addition of AutoSurface, you have the ability to automatically create even complex surfaces from point clouds automatically. AutoSurface takes a mesh and creates surfaces and boundary curves using a few, simple user inputs. The result is a collection of surfaces, the number of which automatically adjusts according to the complexity of the mesh and the desired level of surface detail. No other solution makes surfacing of complex geometries simpler and faster.

Verisurf AutoSurface is 100% automatic. No curve network is required. Import points, point clouds, or STL meshes, press one button, and get the model. All shapes, primitives, freeforms, and open and closed volumes are supported. “Using Verisurf, we can go from laser scans to accurate CAD models in a fraction of the time of any other software,” says Andy Solis, Production Manager for Tri-Tech Precision, Inc. “It’s fast, easy to use, and accurate.”
Verisurf software tools, integrated with Mastercam, allow users to accomplish the entire product cycle of scanning, meshing, auto-surfacing, solids generation, machining, and inspection – all within a single application and using a single file.

Originally developed to inspect complex aerospace parts to the CAD model, Verisurf is now used for reverse engineering, model-based tool building, and inspection. For more information on AutoSurface or other tools developed by Verisurf Software, please contact your local Mastercam Reseller or visit

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