Variable Depth Roughing and More in Mastercam X6 Lathe

Mastercam X6 Lathe sees a suite of new features aimed at increasing your productivity. From Variable Depth Roughing to Finish Tool Inspection, Mastercam X6 Lathe provides many improvements to increase your efficiency on the shop floor.

Variable Depth Roughing

This new roughing parameter allows you to vary the point that the tool insert contacts the surface to prevent notching and improve tool life. The depth can vary up to 25% of the cut depth. A positive value results in an upward cut, and a negative value results in a downward cut.
In Variable Depth Roughing, the tool moves in at an angle on the first roughing pass, so the material contact point moves. Then the tool takes the second pass in a traditional horizontal cut, using the already angled remaining stock to again maintain variable contact. Repeat the process throughout the roughing cycle and the result is much longer insert life.
Some highlights of Variable Depth Roughing include:
  • The passes alternate between angled and straight.
  • If the cut length is less than 3 times the cut depth, a straight cut is made instead of an angled cut.
  • In flat areas, a straight cut is made instead of an angled cut.
  • One way and zigzag cuts are both supported, as well as ID, OD, Face, Back, and Angled.

Finish Toolpaths

Lathe finish toolpaths are now optimized by detecting and finishing up (flats) and down (walls) cut regions of the profile using a single chain.

Canned Rough and Finish Improvements

Mastercam X6 Lathe includes several improvements to canned rough and finish toolpaths. These include:
  • Added clearance options to the canned rough operation parameters to extend the chain for tool clearance.
  • Added parameters to shorten the start and end of the chain in the Lead in/out dialog. This is useful when cutting on the OD towards the chuck. The chain can be shortened to prevent the tool from hitting the chuck.
  • Canned finish operations now use the cutter comp options from the canned rough operation.
  • Support for Type 1 and Type 2 canned cycles.
  • Added clearance value for canned finish.

Facing and Canned Groove Toolpaths

Facing toolpaths in Mastercam X6 Lathe offer additional feeds and speeds specifically for finish passes. This functionality has also been added to the Canned Groove toolpaths.

Facing Corner Break

The new Corner button on the Face parameters tab provides options for adding a chamfer or radius to the edge of a part. This break is only allowed on the “leading” corner of the face (the first corner encountered moving in the direction of the toolpath).

Grooving Toolpath Improvements

For groove roughing toolpaths, you now have the option to adjust the plunge and retract feed rates on the first plunge cut. Groove finishing toolpaths support undercut removal and negative stock to leave.

Finish Tool Inspection

Tool Inspection is available in Finish toolpaths. You can establish points during operations where the machine can be programmed to a specific position and stop to allow you to perform tool inspections. You can set the conditions on which the tool inspections are performed, such as after a number of passes, after a specified cut length, or a cut duration.

Additional options let you control whether the tool inspection can occur during a pass or near the start or end of a pass. You can use reference points to get the tool in and out of the cut, and send the tool to a selected point or to the home position for the tool inspection position.

For more information on this and other X6 enhancements, please contact your local Mastercam Reseller.

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