Using Sheet Scrap in Nesting

Many people prefer to nest parts using their scrap materials. Shops do this to maximize material use, thereby saving themselves money and also resources. This Router tech tip will show you how to use your sheet scrap with Mastercam’s Nesting.

Before you can use sheet scrap, you must enable the option in Mastercam, as follows:

1. In the Nesting dialog box, click the Config button.

2. Select the Save sheet scrap option.

3. Specify the file where you want to store the scrap.

After you create your initial nesting sheet, the unused portion will be saved to the specified file when you cut the sheet.
To use the scrap sheet, follow these steps:
  1. Delete unnecessary sheets from the Sheet List.
  2. Right-click in the window, and select Import from library.
  3. Choose the scrap sheet you want to use.
  4. Turn off the Create necessary quantity option, and set the Quantity to 1. Otherwise, Mastercam will create multiple sheets of this size, if needed.
  5. Reset the Origin to 0, 0. Otherwise the scrap sheet will be positioned where it was originally cut.

Once you complete these steps, the nested parts will be placed only on the scrap sheet.

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