Using Mastercam X6 to its Fullest #2 – Better Hybrid Machining

3D High Speed Machining “Filler” Passes

Over the next several weeks we’ll be revisiting some of the new tools in Mastercam X6. This week we’ll focus on a smoother, more efficient form of hybrid machining.

We had a lot of positive feedback on our hybrid finishing toolpath. We also got some suggestions on how to improve it and help deliver a better finish. One such improvement is “filler passes” which now maintain all of the Z level cuts in steep areas of your part while filling in the shallow areas with scallop motion within a single Z section. It combines the best of both worlds with waterline (constant Z) motion and scallop where needed. In X5, shallow areas occasionally resulted in 3D collapse (essentially scallop) motion for all Z cuts at that level. Now you can have both waterline and scallop motion at the same Z section, section after section. The result is much better finish and more efficient use of the tool.

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