Use Mastercam’s Feed Rate Optimization to Optimize Your Shop

If you are running entire jobs at a single feed rate, your shop is not running as efficiently as it could. By optimizing the feed rate to suit the moment-by-moment cutting conditions, you can save time, tool wear, and money.

NC programmers can reduce machining time by up to 50% and also extend tool and machine life by using Mastercam’s Feed Rate Optimization. Feed Rate Optimization automatically modifies NC programs to make them run faster and more efficiently. It can optimize any 2- or 3-axis toolpath based on the volume of material being removed and machine tool limitations to produce efficient, varied feed rates tailored to the specific job at hand.

Mastercam’s Feed Rate Optimization is simple – the feed rate decreases when the tool is removing more material and increases when it is removing less. This lets the machine run at continuously optimized feed rates and keeps a more constant chip load on the cutter for faster job completion.

With Feed Rate Optimization sharp direction changes are kept to a minimum to prevent servo lag, tool deflection, poor finish, and unnecessary machine tool wear. Based on the part and machine, Mastercam decreases the rate as the tool approaches a corner, adjusts the feed rate around corners, and gradually increases the rate as the tool leaves the corner, producing a smoother entry and exit.

Every machine has its own “maximum efficiency zone” where it runs as fast as possible without damaging itself or producing off-tolerance parts. Mastercam’s high feed machining will help you find that zone and let you save that information for future use.

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