Two Designers, One Programmer/Machinist

Billy Crump works as a programmer/machinist for Scinomix, a relatively small but rapidly growing high-tech manufacturing company. His work life is fast-paced. He divides his time between setting up and operating a Haas 3-axis vertical CNC mill, and programming a steady stream of prototype and production parts continually fed to him by the company’s two founders and principal designers.

As such, he spends a lot of his time making design changes, which happen frequently, as the company specializes in prototyping. In the past, design changes occurred in SOLIDWORKS, with reconciliation with the machine cutting programs created in Mastercam CAD/CAM software from CNC Software Inc., Tolland, CT. This was costing at least one day per workweek, and slowing the company’s productivity. Scinomix solved the problem by giving their programmer/machinist a seat of a single product called Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS, which integrates both programs in one seamless environment. ?

So Much Happening?
Scinomix, located just west of St. Louis, MO, designs, develops, and manufactures flexible, modular automation and product solutions for laboratory research and drug discovery in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and healthcare industries. Founded in 2001 by two pharmaceutical industry veterans, Scinomix has grown steadily due to the company’s commitment to quality, reliability, and customer service.

Scinomix is currently developing its own product line of fully automated systems, which integrate many of its own products with other manufacturers’ instrumentation, to provide complete solutions for its customers. However, the industries Scinomix serves are very proprietary and competitive, so many of the products the company manufactures are custom one-of-a kinds.

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