Twitter, Plus FaceBook, Plus…

Many of us use Twitter and FaceBook, usually for different things. We tend to use Twitter for short snippets of information, and FaceBook for longer pieces with additional media and conversations. But how many of us are using Google+?

With an estimated 100 million users (for context, FaceBook claims over 800 million), Google+ is gaining users at a steady pace. It also offers interesting sets of tools that we hope to use in the coming months. Google’s use of video is simple and direct. The platform’s Google Hangouts let people get together live online to share ideas, text and pictures, all supported with live video that highlights the person speaking. It seems like a great tool for demos, technical sessions or even just sharing tips and we hope to start using this feature soon. If you’re interesting in Hanging Out with Mastercam experts or just want another avenue to be connected to us, we encourage you to add us to your circles. You can find Mastercam on Google+ here.

How would you like us to use Google+? If you have any suggestions, head over to our page and let us know.

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